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 Antenatal Home Visits / Virtual Workshop

An in-depth one to one opportunity to prepare you and your partner for the arrival of your baby.

- £90 for the session

If you and your friends would like a group session this can also be arranged at a group price.

Postnatal Home Visit

Here to help with any feeding difficulties you may be experiencing no matter the age of your baby.

(Follow up phone calls included)

- £150 per hour 

Virtual Appointments

Over the last couple of years we have all come to realise how important and useful virtual support can be when distance or illness is a barrier. We can arrange a virtual support session for £50 per 30 minutes.

Baby Wearing

Baby wearing can be a real life saver at times as well as a more practical way of getting around with your baby (especially on busy London transport) so I will also happily give you some tips and tricks on safe baby wearing during home or virtual support


I am very passionate about providing families with information about evidence based, gentle and biological infant sleep. There is such a wide verity of normal when it comes to sleep and unfortunately in our modern society where so many 'sleep specialists' try to get babies into tiny inflexible boxes, the stress this can cause families can stay for many many years. I hope the information I provide puts you at easy during those trickier nights.

Introducing Solids

Introducing solids should be a fun time for the whole family however it can also be very confusing with so much information out there (often very outdated). Here to answer all your food related questions!

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